For many of us at ARIA this is the most important work we will ever undertake

Our team includes world-class innovators, engineers, scientists and designers who have developed many of the technologies that underpin the AR efforts of companies like Microsoft, Apple, Dolby and Magic Leap

There are over 50 people working on ARIA today. We’re a pretty diverse group - from interns to distinguished professors, from fresh-faced junior engineers to grizzled industry veterans. We hail from 16 countries around the world and have 15 mother tongues. We're from Tasmania and Tokyo, Sydney and Shanghai, Melbourne and Manila, Launceston and Los Angeles and a dozen other places in between. Diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences, deep expertise, layered with creativity and disciplined focus is who we are. We’re growing something new, and with it, a place for people looking to grow themselves.

Executive Team

Robert Yearsley

CEO & Co-Founder
Robert is a serial entrepreneur and technologist working at the intersection of Augmented Reality, Assistive Artificial Intelligence and Biosensors. Robert has a 20-year history of building consumer technologies and businesses in Silicon Valley and Australia, including Digital Video Recording (1999), Personal Tablet Computing (2003), Video on Demand (2004), Ad Supported Video on Demand (2006), and Cross Platform Realtime Collaboration of Digital Writing and Drawing (2011).

Mark Harrison

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
Mark is a veteran entrepreneur with a 25-year history of building technology-centric companies and with 30 years of experience designing user-facing technical systems. He has co-founded a technology and law firm (1999), a global Influencer Marketing agency (2005), and an online marine industry marketplace (2013). Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mark was a technologist for the International Monetary Fund/World Bank Group, Bell Atlantic, Primedia and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Warren Bingham

Global Vice President
Warren Bingham brings over 30 years of experience in the Medical Devices sector and is the Founder and Executive Chairman of MedTech International, Board member of the Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA), Executive Chairman of OmnisOva and Chairman of the Board of Agscent. In 2000-2014, he was President of the Australian subsidiary of Given Imaging Ltd who pioneered PillCam® technology. Globally, the company evolved from a start-up to trade sale for approx. $1 Billion.


Dr Neesam Jeffers

Head of Technology and Programs
Dr Neesam is an expert in the fields of Systems Integration, Systems Science and Complex Systems. He is a transformational tech leader, who brings over 20 years of diverse experience spanning consulting, finance, telecommunications, engineering, defence, and other sectors.

Dr Glenn Dickins

IP Development & Technology Advisor to the CEO
Glenn brings a 25-year career experience in full-stack AR/VR systems developed through to commercial products. With a core interest and passion for spatial sound, and the deep link to human perception and presence, Glenn has also research and philanthropy activities in the field.

Marx Vergel Melencio

Computer Vision Engineer and Rapid Prototyping Specialist
Marx Melencio is a machine vision engineer and rapid prototyping expert, specialized in the development of assistive and adaptive DIY technologies for PWDs (persons with disabilities). His past projects include prototypes of open source, DIY 3D printed assistive eyeglasses for the blind under an R&D project funded by the Department of Science & Technology of the Philippines; a bilingual Filipino-English neural text-to-speech synthesizer for the blind; a voice cloner and a wearable American Sign Language to speech output prototype for the deaf.

Dr Ibai Gorordo

Full Stack Developer
Ibai is a doctoral student in Biomedical Engineering at the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Japan) with the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship. He has contributed to several research projects focused on the development of new sensor systems for assistive devices.

Lincoln Tut

Undergraduate Entry Level Developer
Lincoln is currently pursuing dual undergraduate degrees in Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Sydney. With a background in data analysis and customer service, Lincoln initially joined the team at Aria as an intern. Fascinated by sensing technology, he now focuses on researching methods to sense user input and develop software prototypes in his current role.


Anastasia Devana

Head of Audio Experience
Anastasia is an internationally recognized leader in spatial audio design and technology with a proven track record of delivering innovative award-winning experiences, and generating technical and creative IP. With a unique dual background in software engineering and music composition, Anastasia thrives at the intersection of technology and artistry.


Daniel Kish

Director of Training
Daniel Kish is an American expert in human echolocation and the President of World Access for the Blind (WAFTB), a California-registered nonprofit organization.


Julee-anne Bell

Community Relations / Blind Expert
Julee-anne is the Managing Director of World Access for the Blind, Australia, the independent Australian affiliate of the California-registered non-profit WATFB

Advisory Board

Dr Michael Harries

Partner, AI and Emerging Technologies, The Robotics Hub
Michael is a partner with ‘The Robotics Hub’, an early-stage robotics and AI fund. The Robotics Hub works with portfolio companies to produce outstanding businesses from early concepts & technologies.

Anita van der Meer

Founder & Director, Innoveren Pty Ltd
Anita brings over 20 years of clinical commercialisation experience and connections in public health and the private sector including multinational pharmaceutical and medical technology companies and start-ups.

Henk Vliestra

President, RYMATH Enterprises, fmr. COO Magic Leap
Henk Vlietstra is an international businessman with over 20 years of experience in global fortune 150 companies.

Clinical Research

Dr Lil Deverell

Mixed Methods Investigator
Dr Lil Deverell is a mixed methods investigator who created the VROOM and OMO tools in the context of bionic vision research. These tools measure functional vision and orientation and mobility (O&M) skills during ordinary O&M assessments in every-day places. She explores relationships between clinical and functional measures in orientation and mobility research.